• Britain's'variant corona' is unpleasant... Spreading from Europe to Australia

    1. It was found that the variant'VUI-202012 / 01' of Corona 19 (new coronavirus infection) that appeared in the UK has spread to Australia as well as European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. The BBC broadcast on the 20th (local time) cited Nextrain, which has observed the genetic code of virus samples around the world, and reported that variants from the UK were reported in Denmark, Australia, and the Netherlands, respectively. According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), 9 cases of virus strain outside the UK have been reported so far in Denmark, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Australia. The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( ECDC ) also said new strains were reported in Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium. However, <a href="https://www.topseom.com/topseom" target="_blank" title="우리카지노">우리카지노</a> it was confirmed that the genetic sequence of the variant '501.V2' identified in South Africa is different from that of the British variant. Separately, the Italian Ministry of Health announced that it was immediately quarantined after confirming that nationals returning to Rome from England had been infected with the virus. The patient arrived via Rome Fiumicino International Airport and had a companion, Italy's Ministry of Health explained. 70 more infectious than conventional viruses